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Multi-copter Delivery




     Our easy to load and unload delivery package interface                 design also guarantees safety of your parcel

​       We can cover various locations with our Dual Delivery mode         mechanism

       Cruising at 40 mph without traffic or other impediments,

       we reach your backyard in a fraction of conventional

       delivery time offering you the pleasure of 'within 3 hours'             delivery of your e-commerce orders

We aim to re-define the way we send and receive our parcels. E-commerce and online food delivery market is on the peak, with 27% of the buyers wanting express delivery combating all the heavy traffic. Anemoi Technologies aims to re-shape the last mile delivery sector with its Aerial delivery Technology & solutions 

Our Best features!

Dual Delivery mode

Anemoi Delivery drones can deliver in 2 modes, which makes it compatible for Urban and Sub-urban / Rural areas and various infrastructues.

This feature enables us to further hybridize Drone delivery with Autonomous Curbside delivery.


Our drones are equipped with fail Proof mechanisms that prevent it from mishaps. We provide insurance for the parcels that our drones carry and deliver.

Tecnical Specs

Our current prototype can carry upto 2.5 Kgs over a span of 3 miles (4. kms)

Cruising at a speed of about 40-50 Mph with high maneuvering  ability due to our Headless navigation technology 

     VTOL Aircraft Parcel carriers


Long range of delivery, can deliver to sub-urban and rural areas


Takes off and lands just like a chopper, but flies like a glider aircraft, hence proving higher energy efficiency and longer flight duration for delivery


Can adjust itself to carrying payloads of various size and weights.

Also, best suitable got Medial aid relief delivery causes.

Research &
Best uses of our technology


Offering quick express delivery for your online shopping orders

3, 4 ,5 Hour deliveries

Food delivery

Wait no more on your food orders, get it within 5 minutes 

Medical aid

Express deliveries of medical Aid, lab samples between medical institutions 

Relief operations

Distribution of food and other necessities in case of natural calamities and emergencies

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Curbside and Last man delivery 

Our unique style of Operating and providing services reliably 

Hybridizing Drone delivery with Self guiding, Solar powered electric Robots to reach door to door even in the narrowest streets

Our autonomous bot comes with super friendly, secure and reliable parcel delivering interface 

We plan to set up Hot spots across the city, our drones will drop the parcels on the hot spots which will be further delivered by a delivery executive upto the doorsteps, which would be 

within 2kms of the hotspot

Concept demonstration

Anemoi  U.A.V Control Software

Set Address of recipient and parcel details

Allows Manual Piloting intervention

Video feed, live sensor data and orientation

Telemetry, network and security

Monitor status and health of the drone

Anemoi Receive

Consumer Delivery Reception Mobile Application

1.   Reciepents can track their parcels and observe the current location of their delivery drone

2.   Anemoi Receive securely helps the consumer to authenticate the parcel before receiving

3.   Anemoi Receive API can be integrated into delivery tracking apps of service provides like Fedex

Samyak , Manager & Finance

Millennials and Gen-z people demand very quick deliveries, hike in the e-commerce industry paves the way for a need of a better delivery technology to quench the demand

Elton, Lead Designer and prototyping

Land delivery methods for last mile logistics is now outdated and saturated ,we need to revolutionize the delivery sector

Ashish, AI, Autonomous & Drone engineer

Aerial methods of delivery may look complicated, but we are close to making it simple and reliable, also, taking care of the security requirements

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